Smith Award

The purpose of the DFW Association for Business Economics (DABE) is to bring together business economists in the Dallas - Fort Worth metropolitan area to discuss the economics of their own industries, to share economic knowledge, and to contribute to one another's understanding of the broad problems of the local, national and world economies. The Association may sponsor activities related to the general field of Economics.

The Association initially was established as the Dallas Economists' Club in 1960.The first meeting was held on July 21, 1961. Guest speaker was Walter W. Heller, Chair, Council of Economic Advisers. A list of past presidents is included on the Officers Page.

By November 30, 2005 the membership voted to change the name of the association from the Dallas Economists’ Club to the DFW Association for Business Economics. The name change is consistent with organizational growth objectives such as broadening the membership requirements and reaching out to Dallas - Fort Worth area business professionals who practice Economics; building stronger relationships with area Universities through the growing Arthur A. Smith Memorial Outstanding Student program; and developing closer ties with the National Association for Business Economics.

The operating by-laws were drafted by Harry Glenos, August 2, 1989; revised by Dan Miller, January 1999; revised by Valerie Warm-Pelan, March 2002; and revised by Jessica Heer, January 2009.